This page is all about the Peru Earthquake Wiki.

This site is about facilitating open discussion and open collaborative editing relevant to the topic Peru Earthquake 2007 within the themes of education, research and knowledge-sharing (and similar fields). It is open to all - particularly to Peruvians, Peruvianists and friends of Peru. It was started by the Peru Earthquake Aid Committee*, broadly representing the Peruvian diaspora / community in the UK. Educators, academics, researchers & others in the area of education are warmly invited to participate as are members of the public.

  • Claudio Chipana (Chair), Jessica Luong (Vice-chair), Gregorio Cueto (Secretary), Juan Calle (Treasurer), Annie Bazan (Artistic director), David Mortara (Press), Sofia Buchuck (External relations), John Loayza (Internal relations), Paul Goulder (Education Secretary) plus other voluntary members.

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