House of Commons: All-Party Parliamentary Group APPG for Peru

PEAC's education programme

Slide 1-5 The destruction of life and property in the EZ. Each slide over-layered with statistics. Whilst showing Sofia introduces Peruvians on committee and/or in the community. Perhaps 3 or max five to make the point about Brain Drain and deskilling and then Brain Gain. The idea is to make a link between the needs in the EZ and the possibility of using the brainpower and experience of Peruvians in Europe to address that need. How?

Slide 6 Money transmitted to Peru. First note that this Brain Gain complements the fundraising efforts in the UK

Slide 7 Beyond money and blankets, other items.The emergency period the need for cash rather than blankets, clothes. PEAC raises funds. Beyond sending money. The Earthquake Zone.

The Peruvian diaspora

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